10 October 2017 / Team News

Team Displays Great Character

Gorseionon 37- Waunarlwydd 0

Facing a strong and well coached Gorseinon team, Waunarlwydd produced an extremely positive and laudible performance, displaying excellent progress in the tackle area!  There is little doubt that had Y Waun not tackled with the intensity that they did, the score would have been significantly more favourable to the home side! A Man of the Match performance from Waun centre Jack Ryan, saw the player display a range of skills, not least excellent tackling technique, back tracking some 50m on two occasions to deny the home side!

It would be remiss not to recognise the handling skills of the Gorseinon team! Also the welcome and sporting support of the coaches and parents of the Gorseionon players!

All in all, a pleasing effortfrom the visitors, things are definitely on the up!! 























































Gorseinon 37-Waunarlwydd 0

Facing a strong and well coached team Waunarlwydd showed great character and displayed quantifiable improvement, particularly in their tackling success.    This was particularly rewarding as a firm emphasis has been placed on this area over the past fortnight!  A Man of the Match performance from centre Jack Ryan included some excllent back tracking tackles.  The final score does not reflect Waunarlwydd's efforts, but things simply looked so much better this week!

It would be remiss not to mention the quality of the running rugby produced by the home side, well done Gorseinon!






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